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Title: Roof Concepts Construction, Houston & Euroshield® Roofing – Offering Sustainable and Durable Roofing

Date: August 2022



Roof Concepts Construction Houston ( is now offering Euroshield® Roofing. We are thrilled to provide Euroshield® Recycled Indestructible Roofing products for Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery Areas.


With this new product offering, RCC can help protect your home or business with the latest in sustainable roofing technology.


RCC Houston is now offering Euroshield® Roofing to provide their Recycled Indestructible Roofing products. With over 50 years of experience, Euroshield® is the industry leader in durable and sustainable roofing solutions. Contact us today for a consultation!

The Top Benefits of Euroshield®


  • 95% Recycled Content
    Superior Wind Performance
  • Unmatched Hail Protection
  • Unbeatable Warranty
  • North American Made


Why Choose Euroshield® ?


  • Extremely durable
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Resistant to hail
  • Potentially lower insurance premiums
  • Generous transferable warranties (non prorated)
  • Sound deadening & insulating
  • The affordable permanent roofing solution
  • Made from 95% recycled material (primarily tires)
  • Adds value to your home
  • 5 Million Tires diverted from landfills to date
  • 13+ Countries use Euroshield® roofs
  • $0 In hail damage claims on our hail-proof roofs to date




Euroshield roofing products are covered by a transferable limited lifetime warranty.


Lasts Nearly Forever

  • Stands Up to Hail, Heat, Wind, Rain & Snow
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Eliminates Maintenance Costs
  • Helps Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs
  • Outstanding Curb Appeal
  • Boosts Resale Value
  • Industry-Leading 50-Year Transferable Warranty
  • Wide Selection of Colors & Popular Styles
  • A Virtually Indestructible Product
  • Saves the Planet (Up to 95% Recycled Materials)


An Investment Now = Savings Later

Damage from extreme weather events is increasing and so are the costs for repairs. One in every thirty- five North American homes suffers roof damage from hail each year, including over 10.7 million properties in the United States alone.

That damage hits the purse hard. Hail has been responsible for more than $10 billion dollars in annual insured loss damages in North America for the last ten consecutive years. Financial losses from convective extremes (such as large hail, tornadoes, and flash floods) are now on par with hurricanes, dollar for dollar.

Against this backdrop, the Institute for Business & Home Safety says that more than 60% of U.S. homes are vulnerable to storm damage from high winds or driving rain, and no tested major brand of asphalt shingles was able to provide excellent protection from hail damage,  Even metal roofing, as the IBHS demonstrated in a research study, generally shows unsightly denting and damage from hailstones ranging from 1 to 2 inches in diameter.

Euroshield® Unique Products Features:

Upscale aesthetics Few roofing materials can offer the rich texture and highly sought-after beauty of premium slates and shakes like Euroshield®. Available in 4 distinct colors across 5 unique profiles that are sure to enhance your home’s value and curb appeal. Whether it’s the superior luxury of authentic slate or the highly coveted charm of natural wood, Euroshield® premium products will give you the ability to meet your aesthetic vision while being respectful to your budget.

It’s Hail Proof!You won’t find a more durable roofing product on the market today. All Euroshield® profiles are UL2218 Class 4 Impact Rated (the highest rating possible) and qualify for the maximum homeowner’s discount available for impact-resistant shingles. With over 5,000 major hail storms assaulting North America annually causing over $10 billion in hail loss damages it makes sense to go with industry-leading impact resistance from Euroshield®. Tested to withstand 50x the Kinetic Impact Energy of the next closest Class 4 impact rated materials and is the only roofing product that offers a warranty against any size hail. Put simply, at Euroshield®, our standards are higher.

Eco-FriendlyAll Euroshield® rubber roofs are highly engineered for all-weather performance and durability, much like the tires they are derived from. Comprised of 95% recycled materials, each roof utilizes an average of 400 to 600 tires that would have otherwise ended up in our landfills and can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle maintaining our commitment to sustainable industry practices that effectively utilize resources for today and future generations.

Tough Stuff– Euroshield® roofing products are built to withstand the extremes of changing weather 365 days a year 24 hours a day. Snow, ice, and water work together to degrade your roofing and infiltrate your house, gale-force winds and hail routinely assault your roof. The sun’s UV rays prematurely age roofing materials, compromising their performance, and the cumulative effects of freeze-thaw cycles eventually break down the majority of other roofing materials. At Euroshield® we found a better way, our product composition takes into account these common issues giving it an advantage over other roofing materials for exceptional all-weather performance, offering a lifetime of worry-free ownership.

Lightweight- Through modern innovation, Euroshield® has been able to achieve industry-leading durability and longevity while keeping the weight per square ranging from 240 to 330 lbs. This is directly comparable to what asphalt shingles weigh, offering you significant structural cost savings from these lightweight materials as no special requirements for roof reinforcement are required.

It’s Affordable- Euroshield® products provide great long-term value over their lifecycle. The average Euroshield® roof will cost you less than a cup of coffee per day due to its long life span, superior performance, and resiliency.

Easy to Install – Euroshield® comes in panel form and can be installed as fast as asphalt shingles by our experienced roofers, saving you money. A layout pattern is provided for each mold and a complete video, with guides, is available to ensure your roof is installed correctly. You can walk on it without risk of damage and there is no surface coating to wear away. It’s simply easy to work with.

Transferable Lifetime Warranty – Euroshield® offers an unbeatable, 50 year non-prorated, warranty providing you peace of mind knowing that, once you have installed your roof, your investment will be protected for a lifetime.

Roof Concepts Construction Houston is a Certified Texas Woman Owned Business.


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